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One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest - 1219 Words

The movie, â€Å"One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest† is based on the experience of a criminal, Randall P. McMurphy who chose to move into a mental institution rather than moving into prison. McMurphy chose to do this because he believed his sentence would be equal to the time he would need to spend in the mental institution. Once McMurphy got to the institution he realized he would not be released into society, but to prison and the time spent in the institution was adding onto his sentence. While in the institution, McMurphy makes a huge impact on both the patients and the institution as a whole. McMurphy challenges the norms and regulations of the institution and encourages the patients to stand up for themselves. McMurphy’s personality provided freedom, life, joy, and the power the individuals in the institution needed to stand up against the strict establishment. McMurphy takes risks, and encourages the patients to embrace. When McMurphy first arrives at the institution, the patients all followed a structure in the institution where interactions with others were limited. The patients were isolated, didn’t interact with one another and each patient had their own daily routine. This society was made up of order and regulations and each patient had a common identity of insanity, seeking medical treatment. McMurphy influences all the other patients and helps to change the society. During his time in the institution, McMurphy develops relationships with the other patients andShow MoreRelatedOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest Essay1604 Words   |  7 Pages The Truth Even If It Didn’t Happen: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest By: Aubree Martinez Period 1 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey is one of the greatest novels of the 1960s that expertly uses mental illness, rebellion, and abused authority to captivate the readers. This book is densely populated with interesting characters, such as the new admission R.P. McMurphy, that makes you dive below the surface of sanity, rebellion, and authoritative issues that are spread throughoutRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest2680 Words   |  11 Pages One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Marissa Sobetski University of Michigan-Dearborn Abstract It is fairly often in pop culture that some form of entertainment focuses on some presentation of psychopathology; whether it is a novel, short story, pop-psychology book, or other media, such as film. The public seems to be fascinated by the â€Å"crazies† and their treatment. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, is one such film, this 1975 classic focuses on a character named Randle P. McMurphyRead MoreAnalysis Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest 1734 Words   |  7 PagesAbigail Dempsey HAP 315 October 29, 14 Shaw-Sutherland One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest In this book written by Ken Kesey, the main character is a man named R.P. McMurphy who tricks people into thinking that he is a psychopath. To McMurphy, the asylum is a get out of jail free card, which quickly turns out to be something else entirely. However, one vital aspect of this book is the way in which it addresses and provides insight upon several contemporary issues relating to the American healthcareRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest1541 Words   |  7 Pages One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a novel written by Ken Kesey. The book was published in 1962, by Signet, an imprint of New American Library. The book itself has 325 pages total, and rather than being divided into chapters, it is divided into sections. As a result of this, I doubled the required number of questions needed for the study guide section of this project, and based them off of each specific section. This book tells the story of how a troublemaker named Randle McMurphy, a manRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest1161 Words   |  5 Pages Have you ever been to a mental institution? The novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is about Randall McMurphy becoming a patient in a mental institution. McMurphy is a white-trash degenerate with many problems, but mental instability is not one of them. He is an alcoholic with a gambling problem that gets into fights. He was recently convicted of alleged rape. McMurphy, somehow, conned his way into being enrolled into the mental institution instead of going to a work farm for his actions, â€Å"theRead MoreAnalysis Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest 943 Words   |  4 PagesThe Subversion of Gender Roles in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest In today s society, as well as in the past, men are typically placed in a position of power over women. Although gender equality is increasing, a more patriarchal society is considered to be the norm. However, in certain situations the gender roles that are played by men and women are reversed, and women hold most, if not all of the power. Such as in Ken Kesey s novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, in this instance the ward is aRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest1549 Words   |  7 PagesOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest In today’s world with the recent chaos that has erupted many people tend to think that the world has become insane and that they are the last sane individuals alive. However, in the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest the ones who are seeking treatment for insanity seem more reasonable then the sane ones. This is because in the novel, the person that holds jurisdiction, Nurse Ratched also maintains a fearsome reputation. Many people would agree that the theme thatRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest1226 Words   |  5 PagesOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a novel by Ken Kesey published in 1962 by Viking Press. The book depicts a man named Randle McMurphy’s adventures as he is placed in a mental institution to serve his life sentence for raping a 15-year-old girl. McMurphy meets and befriends other patients who are in much worse condition than he is, and attempts to inspire a rebellion against the tyrannical warden of the facility, Nurse Ratched. The book spends a lot of time shedding light on how mental disordersRead MoreSummary Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest 1505 Words   |  7 Pagesand sanity. (NY Times) His experience at the hospital as a aid and as a voluntary experiment subject led to the birth of his 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest. (NY Times) Through the novel, he communicates his dissent against the post-war society that castrates men by sypressing their sexulity and sacrifices their spirit. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, he constructs a mental ward that held microcosmic resemblance to the post-war American society. He critiques power in American societyRead MoreOne Flew Over The Cuckoo s Nest962 Words   |  4 Pages In the film â€Å"One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest† the character Randal â€Å"Mac† McMurphy decides that spending a 68 day sentence in the psychiatric ward would be an easy task compared to the same amount of time in jail, but quickly finds out that Nu rse Mildred Ratched has just as much hidden deviance within her as he is trying to portray outwardly to stay in the ward and not be sent to jail where he truly belongs for raping a 15 year old girl. McMurphy and Nurse Ratcheds battle of power and wills escalates

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Spreadsheet and Monthly Worksheets Free Essays

NEW PERSPECTIVES EXCEL 2010 TUTORIAL 6: ASSIGNMENT WINTER CREEK APARTMENTS PROJECT OVERVIEW W inter Creek Apartments manages large apartment complexes in four cities in the Midwest: Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha, and St. Louis. At the corporate level, Gordon Rockwell uses Excel to summarize monthly maintenance expenses submitted by each complex manager. We will write a custom essay sample on Spreadsheet and Monthly Worksheets or any similar topic only for you Order Now He asks you to total the maintenance costs of each apartment complex’ for each month, and then format each worksheet. Gordon also needs you to add another worksheet to calculate summary costs for each city and maintenance category. STUDENT START FILE Download Excel_T6_Data_File. xlsx from Moodle. Instructions 1. Open the file Excel_T6_Data_File. xlsx and save the file as T6_LastName_FirstName. xlsx before you move to the next step. Enter your name in cell B4 of the Documentation sheet. 2. Group the three monthly worksheets. For each month, calculate the maintenance category totals in the range B9:F9 and calculate the apartment complex totals in the range G5:G8. In cell G9, enter a grand total that adds up the amounts in range G5:G8. 3. Improve the look of the monthly worksheets by formatting the ranges A4:G4 and A8:G8 to have a bottom border. Format the range B5:G9 to Accounting Number Format, and then Decrease Decimal so no decimal places are shown. Ungroup the worksheets. 4. Make a copy of one of the quarterly worksheets, rename the new worksheet as Summary, and then position the Summary sheet between the Documentation and Jan worksheets. 5. In the Summary worksheet, in the range B5:F8, delete the existing values and insert formulas that add the sales in the corresponding cells of the three monthly worksheets. Use 3-D references in the formulas. (Hint: Reapply the bottom border to cells B8:G8 if needed. ) 6. Set up the Summary and three monthly worksheets for printing. Each worksheet should: a) be centered horizontally, b) fit on one page, c) display the name of the worksheet centered in the header, d) and contain a custom footer that displays Winter Creek Apartments and the date on separate lines in the right section of the footer. Save your changes, close the workbooks and exit Excel. Submit your completed assignment on Moodle. 1 How to cite Spreadsheet and Monthly Worksheets, Essay examples

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Digital Single Market and Net Neutrality in EU

Question: Discuss about theDigital Single Market and Net Neutrality in EU. Answer: Introduction: The chosen topic for the assignment is Digital Single Market which is related to net neutrality in all the countries across Europe. Net neutrality is a topic which is related to usage of the internet by the service users according to their freedom and the internet providers should not block the access to some site and should not block data from those sites in order to support the topic of net neutrality (Cheng et al., 2011). This article focuses towards the initiative of European Union to ensure net neutrality across entire Europe in all the countries. There should be no blocking of data and also no throttling and discrimination of data related to online applications, content and services (Monti, 2010). Main Body: The article focuses on towards attaining net neutrality across Europe and all the service providers across every countries of Europe should look after the same and provide high access internet to all the users to whom they are providing their services. There will only be three exceptions to this rule and blocking, discrimination and throttling of data can be done by the servers when the networks are integrated, when the situations are temporary and when there is no agreement with legal responsibility (Krmer et al., 2013)). All the traffic that is there in the internet should be provided to the end users equally according to the principles of net neutrality. This will also require daily management of the traffic according to the technological needs and wants. The main focus of the net neutrality is to concentrate on the service providers so that they may not choose any sites traffic over traffic of another site. But, the neutrality of the internet can sometimes also affect the cyber security of the internet and accessing the sites on the internet which are harmful can affect the security of the users computer and access the data of the user over the network and steal data from those computers which can be in many ways harmful for the users. Sometimes cyber crimes are also done with the help of taking the advantage of the neutrality of the internet. When the service users access the sites with the same speed on the internet due to net neutrality, the hackers can hack the personal information of the users over the network and use them for their own benefits (Economides, 2008). There are also various regulators of the net neutrality who will play various roles in these circumstances and they are mentioned below: NRA: National Regulatory Authorities or NRA should take a look on the market regarding the development that is taking place in the European Union. Traffic management will be open to them so that they can check about the access of the internet by the users. It should also be ensured form the side of NRA that IAS should be able to reflect the advancement made in the technology. Now depending upon the situation, the neutrality of the internet can be good as well as bad or neutral to the service users. It can be the case that between the two stakeholders of the internet there can be neutral relationship that can exist, while to the other stakeholders, it can be an issue related to their ethics (Cheng and Wang, 2010). While continuing to implement the process of net neutrality throughout all the regions of European Union across all the countries, it should be kept in mind the net neutrality should not just be a factor that can gain advantage for two stakeholders but also should not affect the end users of all internet service users in different countries of under European Union. The neutrality of the internet should be taken advantage of, but in a way which should not hurt the others using the internet. The net neutrality should be used in such a way that the interest of the stakeholders are fully satisfied and also the rules and regulations of the net neutrality that are there which exists can be sufficed with the help of this process and following the issues related to the ethics. With the help of the internet neutrality, the stakeholders should make most of the diversity using the information that are available in the internet and also diversity will help in the procedure of innovation, evolution as well as competition which in turn can help the stakeholders to use the internet in a way that there is continuous flow of information. The ethics of the net neutrality also states that the internet should not be used in a way by the users of the service so that it violates the guidelines of the internet as well as the provider of the service (Becker et al., 2010). There are many giant companies in the Information Technology market like Facebook and Google which stood by the side of net neutrality, while other companies like the cable and the wire companies opposed the idea of internet neutrality wholly. Now the internet neutrality and its ethical issues will be discussed form the point of view of utilitarianism, virtue, deontology and contract: Utilitarian Approach: With the help of following the utilitarian approach related to the ethics while considering this particular problem is a very tough work (Meinrath and Pickard, 2008). While protecting of the neutrality of the internet to all the users of the internet services will provide a benefit for a very short time, while making the internet free of data blockage and providing free internet to all the users with free access to all the sites throughout the internet is a same speed can make the users of the internet happy by providing them a free internet space and also helping them to all the sites in the internet. Virtue Approach: The ethics that are related to the virtue is mainly Aristotles view which states that individual should be able to do well in their life and help himself to develop and grow in his life. So, according to the virtue ethics those are related to the neutrality of the internet, an individual should be able to sue the net neutrality in a way that helps him to grow in future and also should not use those sites or use net neutrality as advice for cyber crime or break the cyber safety of other internet sites (Quail and Larabie, 2010). Deontology Approach: The theory of deontology states that, human should act to that point when he can do well to others and not hurt their sentiments. Humanity should be the law before talking every steps in life and so according to the neutrality of the internet if it occurs throughout all the countries of European Union, people should not share contents or use such languages over the internet which can hurt the sentiment of other internet users and also the action so of the individuals over the internet should be able to do moral good to other persons. Contract Approach: The social contract approach sates that there should be ethics and decency in every action of all the people over the internet after they gain free access to all the sites and data due to the neutrality of the internet and for that reason, they should help each other over the internet so that they can have mutual gain (Blevins and Shade, 2010). Also, there should be principles followed in the actions and behaviours of the individual over the internet. Conclusion: In the conclusion from the above discussion, it can be said that in order to achieve net neutrality over the internet, the people of European should follow the ethics related to the internet and should also not share illegitimate content over the website which can hurt the sentiment of other people and also should not access unlawful sites to follow the ethics that are there related to the internet. References: Cheng, H. K., Bandyopadhyay, S., Guo, H. (2011). The debate on net neutrality: A policy perspective. Information systems research, 22(1), 60-82. Krmer, J., Wiewiorra, L. and Weinhardt, C., 2013. Net neutrality: A progress report. Telecommunications Policy, 37(9), pp.794-813. Economides, N., 2008. Net neutrality, non-discrimination and digital distribution of content through the internet. ISJLP, 4, p.209. Cheng, A.S., Fleischmann, K.R., Wang, P., Ishita, E. and Oard, D.W., 2010, January. Values of stakeholders in the Net neutrality debate: Applying content analysis to telecommunications policy. In System Sciences (HICSS), 2010 43rd Hawaii International Conference on (pp. 1-10). IEEE. Becker, G.S., Carlton, D.W. and Sider, H.S., 2010. Net neutrality and consumer welfare. Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 6(3), pp.497-519. Meinrath, S. and Pickard, V., 2008. Transcending net neutrality: Ten steps toward an open Internet. Education Week Commentary, 12(6), pp.1-12. Quail, C. and Larabie, C., 2010. Net neutrality: Media discourses and public perception. Global Media Journal, 3(1), p.31. Blevins, J. and Shade, L., 2010. International perspectives on network neutrality. Global Media Journal, 3(1), pp.1-8. Monti, M., 2010. A new strategy for the single market. Report to the President of the European Commission Jos Manuel Barroso, May, 10.

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Kerala from Sangam to Dutch Period Essay Example

Kerala from Sangam to Dutch Period Essay Introduction. ?Kerala has a unique Geographical position. ?Kerala has a rich culture and is the meeting point of many types of ideologies, Ideas and religious views. ?Travelers, merchants and rulers visited kerala and influenced its History. ?Story Behind the birth Of Kerala. ?Parasurama the 6th Incarnation of Lord Vishnuthrew an axe far into the sea and commanded the sea to retreat. ?The land that emerged from the waters became Kerala. ?From where does the term kerala come from ? ?Sanskrit scholars derive the name from â€Å"Kera or coconut†,which is a staple product of kerala. Others say it is derived from the Tamil word â€Å"Charal† meaning Mountain slope. ?Arab and Persian writers and early Malayalam and medieval Tamil Literature say that the word kerala means the land of hills and mountains. Traditional sources. ?Early history of kerala is based on traditions. The two major sources are : ? Archaeological Sources. ?Archaeological survey and excavations were started in Kerala by Ward and Conor in 1819. ? there are 3 relics of the Historical period found in the various parts of Kerala. They are : 1. monuments 2. coins 3. inscription. ?Monuments. 1. Stone images of Buddha, reflect the culture of kerala during the Buddhist era. 2. Religious monuments : Temples , Churches, Mosques and Synagogues. 3. Palaces – famous Padmanabhapuram palace in Kanyakumari district and Dutch palace in Fort Cochin. 4. Forts and historical sites. ?Coins. ? Many foreign and indigenous coins have been found in kerala. †¢ Rast is the oldest of them. †¢Roman coins are the oldest Foreign coins. †¢Rulers of Travancore and Cochin Had their own independent coinage. †¢Dutch copper coins and British Indian Coins give valuable information to historians. ?Inscriptions . Throw light on the political,Cultural, and social life of the People of Kerala. 2. Give insight into working conditions of local assemblies, how temples were managed, Relationship between the landlord and tenant and functioning Of educational institutions. 3. Some inscriptions testify the liberal policy of religious tolerationfollowed by the ancient rulers of Kerala. ?San gam Age(1-500 A. D. ) ? Sangam Literature was composed, In which the Works of poets and writers threw light upon cultural, economic, political, Social and other aspects of the kingdoms of the South. Through these works we get to know what happened during the first 500 years of Christian Era : I. there was monarchy and patrilineal system of succession, II. Women were well educated and had a good position in society, III. Monogamy was the norm, widow remarriage was permitted, Child marriage was not there. ?No division of society into high and low castes,there was no untouchability, ? Rice was the staple food, people had no restrictions regarding beef eating and other non-veg items. Rice-wine was a popular drink. ?It was rare to find Brahmins though some were there as Aryan Brahmins in the royal court. Agriculture was a major occupation and due to trade with countries like Rome, they flourished as a prosperous set of people. Post Sangam Period (500-800 A. D. ) ?Main rulers of this peri od were Cheraman Perumal and Kulasekara Alwar. ?The former became a Vaishnavite Poet and the latter accepted Islam and went to Mecca. ?Adi Shankara (788-820 A. D. ) lived and propogated the Advaida philosophy during this period. ?After the creation of Kerala it was believed that Parasurama planted sixty-four joint Brahmin Families and gave them rules which would govern them. The Brahmins invited rulers called â€Å"Perumals â€Å" to rule them and each ruler was appointed for a period of 12 years to rule over them. The Kollam Epoch (800-1200A. D) ?Politically Kerala was under the Cholas and Pandyas. †¢A temple was constructed at almost every town and village in Kerala †¢ the Quilon calendar was introduced during this time in 25 July 825 A. D. ? Festivals like onam and vishu came to be celebrated. ? The 9th century A. D. saw Malayalam growing as a distinct language. ? Educational institutions like â€Å"Salai† came into existance. ? This period also saw the grow of trade and commerce. There was trade between China and Kerala. ?Tenant system was prevalent whereby the feudal lords enjoyed life at the cost of the poor tenants. ?Sales and tax on vehicles fetched a revenue for the state. ?Ravi Varma Epoch (1200-1500 A. D) ? During this period the land relations showed certain important features : ? Increase of intermediaries as temporary holders of land. ?Increased measures to expand cultivable land and enhance income from land. ?The emergence of cash money in obtaining land rights. ?Traditional landowners held the right of ownership of land. ?Pledging of land of debt on interest. Agriculture was the main occupation. ?There were other occupations like ritual-cum-medicine men, astrologers, washer men and so on. ?There was growth of trade and trading centres; ?Trade was at 3 levels : ?Transport system was essential for trade and in this context there were many boats, ships; even bridges over waterways was essential. ?Portugese Rule In Kerala. ?Polit ical authority was fragmented by the time the Portuguese came to kerala. ?In 1498, Vasco-do-Gamma reached Kappad near Kozhikode. ?Portugese, was the first to achieve a stronghold in Kerala ? We will write a custom essay sample on Kerala from Sangam to Dutch Period specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Kerala from Sangam to Dutch Period specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Kerala from Sangam to Dutch Period specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer A number of battles were fought between the provincial rulers and the Portugese. In 1524 Gamma was appointed the Portugese viceroy of Kerala. ?Apart from commerce, they were also interested in imparting their faith to the people. ?Many people were forced to convert. ?In 1550’s , St. Francis Xavier converted many fisher folk and other socially backward sections along the coastal regions of southern Kerala. ?The chiefs in the state (except the Muslims to whom the Portuguese were hostile) did not resist the conversion as long as they had freedom to do trade and commercial activities and the economic fabric of society was not disturbed. The Portuguese used their own tactics of divide and rule policy for fulfilling their commercial interests in the state. ?New towns had risen and old towns decayed. eg. Calicut, Cochin, Chaliyam gained importance while Quilon and Cranganore languished. ?Crops like cashewnuts, tobacco, custard apple, guava, pineapple and papaya were introduced. ?Gunp owder increased the importance of artillery. This brought unemployment among the Nairs who were well trained in swords and shields. †¢They established seminaries and colleges in Cochin, Angamali and Cranganore. For gtting Christian priests. †¢St. Francis Xavier translated Catechism into Malayalam. †¢Fearing ?The Dutch in Kerala. ?Dutch East India Company was established in the year 1592. ?In 1604 they came to the Malabar coast. ?There was rivalry btw Cochin and Kozhikode during that time and they took advantage of this situation. ?However like the Portuguese their involvement in the local politics was minimal. ?However they had conflicts btw Marthanda Varma of Thiruvithankur and Samuthiri of Kozhikode. ?The Dutch had the main power over the Trade activities. ?Pepper and spices were exported by merchants only after the consent of the Dutch people. They constructed forts and factories here like the Portuguese. ?They sold Indonesian spices and sugar to those ships which were going to Cochin. It turned out to be a success. ?But this didn’t last for long as it declined from 1783 and was completely stopped by 1793 due to poor demand. ?Conclusion ?The History of kerala is very essential part of the heritage of the state and country as well. ?If we study History well then we would know about the real background in which our state developed through the years. ?We can also see the contrasting practices that were in vogue during the ancient and medieval and the present kerala society.

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Ontario, Canda and moving out of the Pioneer stage essays

Ontario, Canda and moving out of the Pioneer stage essays Oliver Mowat became this provinces first premier in 1872. However, only a century had passed since Ontario was first settled by a group of loyalist refugees. These refugees, fought for the British crown during the American Revolution. After the revolution, British authorities provided help with provisions, tools and granted the loyalists free land in southern Ontario. These were Ontarios pioneers and this was the beginning of the pioneer stage. From this brief statement about Ontarios pioneers a question needs to be asked. To what extent had Ontario passed beyond the pioneer stage by the time Oliver Mowat came to power in 1872? In order to answer this question a number of areas will be taken into account. First, the term pioneer stage needs to be defined in order to make a satisfactory answer. Second, the development of urban centers will be investigated. Third, Ontarios infrastructure development will be looked at. Fourth, the rise of Ontarios political maturity will be a nalyzed. Finally, the provinces industrial base will be examined. To help answer the question, the term pioneer stage requires a definition. Pioneer stage is a societal term used to describe the first stage of a society. The stage begins with individuals migrating from a developed society into a new undeveloped region. To pass beyond the pioneer stage, the settlers will need to develop this new region into a flourishing society. It is important to note, a newly developed society does not necessarily mimic the culture it migrated from. New, unique or combinations of multi societal traits may be developed into this new society. The development of urban centers is not of utmost importance to new settlers in the region, survival is. The loyalist pioneers entered a huge untapped wilderness in southern Ontario. They needed to clear vast forests to create farmland and eventually build the urban centers required to elevate t...

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How to Make a Thesis

How to Make a Thesis How to Make a Thesis How to Make a ThesisYou can make hundreds of attempts to formulate a thesis statement, still, fail to do it. The reason is that it is difficult to make a thesis from scratch. Developing a thesis statement is not the outburst of inspiration but rather a task that requires some time to accomplish it successfully. So, if you want to know how to make a thesis statement, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find some tips on how to make a thesis successfully. While PhD thesis writing is not easy and you must follow specific thesis format. How to make a thesis: Tip 1. Develop your personal position on the problemReading what others think about the question you are researching may turn out to be rather useful in case you know a little about the matter. Your position may coincide with someone elses or may differ cardinally from already adopted viewpoints. The key point is that you should truly believe in what you are talking about. Do not be inclined to others point of view only because you cannot shape your own position. This will only make it more difficult for you to support it. How to make a thesis: Tip 2. Formulate your main ideaTry to make your message specific rather than vague or general. What is more, do not make it too long. One or maximum two sentences will be quite enough. Write it somewhere on a sheet of paper. This thesis is not final yet. You will come back to it as soon as your paper is completed.How to make a thesis: Tip 3. Conduct researchWhile researching the topic, some information that yo u may find in the sources may turn out much useful. They can help you in formulating and improving your thesis statement. So, make notes on the information that can be included into your thesis statement.How to make a thesis: Tip 4. Come back to your thesis and think what might be changedIt is important to keep your thesis flexible until the investigation is actually finished. If you do it, you will not have any difficulties with rewriting it later. So, after you finish researching the topic, come back to your thesis statement and think what can be changed. A thesis statement is an important element of any paper, it is the framework that every paper is based on. So, it is extremely important to know how to make a thesis correctly. Follow our guidelines and you will learn writing a research paper without any problems!

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Dance Class Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Dance Class - Article Example I remember that in the last letter that I sent to you, I had explained to you why you should not fear or hesitate to take a course in dancing. This time round, I want to share with you my concrete experiences in this course, so that you can be can be convinced that this course is indeed quite important. First of all, let me share with you the expectations that I had before taken this course, and how I have been able to realize my expectations after taking the course. One of the major expectations that I had before taken this course was that the course would enable me to know the history of dance and the important people who have had great influence in the history of dance. Through this course, I have really been able to realize this expectation. This is because we have studied extensively about the history of dance and the important personalities like Gus Giordano, Jack Cole, and Agnes DeMille, who have had the great impact in the world of dance, especially dance in the Jazz music. For this reason, therefore, I am now conversant with the history of dance. The second major expectation that I had when I started this course was that the course would enable me to know different dancing styles, both modern traditional styles. Through the training that we undergo in this course, I have be en able to realize this expectation. Although of course, I don’t claim to have become an expert in dancing overnight, I have learned different dancing styles in this course and I am able to dance to different types of music like Jazz songs.

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Business Process and Systems Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Process and Systems - Research Paper Example NBK is one of the most successful banks in Kuwait and since they started in the banking industry and they became more experienced in it than other banks. They can be found everywhere around the country, so everyone can reach them when they need to and their Headquarter is located in Sharq. Their website helps their customers to get some of the things that they want such as transferring money between accounts even if the accounts are not owned by NBK. Since the bank is private and owned by shareholders it is classified as an investment for the bank, they also help individuals to invest their money in trust funds in profitable way. The bank gives loans to both companies and individuals to help them with what they need and they get interest rate in when the loan is paid off. They give sponsorships to some practical activities as a marketing way for the bank. There is a variety of offers that they provide to attract and avoid losing customers. Some of the offers they provide are Alwaha m aster card which gives customers mileage each time they purchase something with it and they can use those mileage to go anywhere they like around the world in Kuwait airlines. Another offer is people that have bank accounts with NBK they get half price on movies tickets during the weekends. There is also fifteen percent discount for New Smile dental clinic. The bank strategic plan is to maintain strong position against their rivals in the banking industry specially in Islamic banking segment and to increase their relationship both in Kuwait and around the world. Securing resources is a priority for the bank such resources are investors, cash, and interest rates. Investors help the bank to get its capital and return equity to them as well as profits depending the number of shares each investor has in the bank. On the other hand, cash is an important resource for the bank since it is

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The Internet and assurance services Essay Example for Free

The Internet and assurance services Essay 1. 0 Introduction The Internet is the greatest business tool ever invented. Merchant, trading partners and Online retail shoppers can find greater selection, convenience, and lower prices on the Internet. Online businesses can reach millions of shoppers and business partners, provide 24 hours seven days a week of products and services, and better meet their customers individual needs. For these reasons, E-Commerce over the Internet has been growing. According to ActivMedia, e-commerce activity for 2000 will be $132 billion worldwide, which is twice as much as estimated for 1999. This figure includes revenues from B2C, B2B and Internet services. According to a study by eMarketer in April 2000, almost 34 million US households were actively using the Internet, and of that number 23. 5 million or 69% have made a purchase. (http://www. cpawebtrust. org/online. htm) However, despite the Internets many advantages and opportunities, it also raises some new risks for businesses and has some customers worried. The risks are fraud, poor sales conversion rates, detrimental effects of negative PR due to privacy breaches and security problems. A recent study by the Internet Fraud Complaint Centre (IFCC) showed that online auctions accounted for 48. 8% of fraud complaints. Non-delivery of goods ordered online came in second, at 19. 2%. Other top fraud complaints to the centre involved: securities and commodities (16. 9%), credit cards (4. 8%) and identity theft (2. 9%). The IFCC, which is jointly run by the FBI and the Justice Departments National White Collar Crime Centre, received an average of 1,000 complaints per week after opening in May 2000. (http://www. cpawebtrust. org/online. htm) In order to reduce risks, many technological solutions have been developed such as Firewalls, encryption, and digital signatures, etc. Despite these available solutions, most of Internet users still lack confidence in the medium. Therefore, third-party assurance service is needed to ensure secure transaction. 2. 0 The Third-Party Role of Assurance Service According to AICPA, Assurance Services are defined as independent professional services that improve the quality or context of information for decision-makers. Assurance services might involve any type of information. The goal of assurance services is information improvement, not the issuance of a report on it. (http://www. aicpa. org/assurance/about/comstud/defncom. htm) More in detail, AICPA has been categorised its assurance service into two areas. Those are integrity assurance systems and security assurance systems. According to the textbook (Greenstein, et. al. 2000), integrity assurance systems ensure that the data elements captured in an electronic transaction are the agreed upon elements, and the processing and storage procedures maintain the integrity of the data elements and do not alter them in any unauthorised fashion. Security assurance system ensures the authentication of the transacting parties, and that electronic data are protected from unauthorised disclosure. There are four areas that assurance service provider has to concern. Those are:   Security of data   Privacy of data   Business policy Transaction processing integrity Above categories are the most important area that the assurance service provider has to satisfy. And those will be applied to analyse travel. com. au. 3. 0 Difference and Similarity between B2B andB2C The web has evolved as a great medium for running business. Traditional B2B transaction used EDI, phone and fax for transaction. Also, B2C was just relied on bricks and mortar outlet. However, evolution of technology enables business entity to expand its business to new area, and provides more opportunities. Despite of Internets advantages for business entity, the risk has been arisen along with development of technology. According to recent survey of Computer Security Institute and the FBI, not surprisingly, computer-related crimes are up, as are the costs related to such crimes. This year, the survey included results from 538 respondents from a number of industries corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, and universities. This year, total losses, based on the 186 respondents willing to provide details on actual losses, totalled approximately US$378 million. Thats up from the US$265 million reported last year by 249 respondents. Based on this data, on average, each of the 186 companies lost more than US$2 million dollars in security breaches. (http://www. advisor. com/Articles. nsf/aid/HARTB15) In this section, similarity and differences existing between two models will be analysed. Based on the result of analysis, our assurance team provides desirable solution for B2B and B2C transaction B2C Perspective B2C is relationship is considered very vulnerable, because the party involved in transaction or interactions have no prior knowledge, they are completely strangers. Many risks involve during B2C transaction such as transmission of sensitive data (ie credit card number). In B2C e-commerce, the customers are the general public. Therefore, its transaction can be easily exposed. It is the one reason that consumers reluctant to shop over the Online. To decrease the risk and increase positive consumer perception, most of e-tailers employ security system, and state their privacy and security policy in its Web site. B2B Perspective B2B are interacting in more secure environment with respect to assurance of the electronic business environment. The nature of B2B e-commerce is that operator just interact with its business customer. Thus, the main concern for B2B is lying in their intellectual property. Many of the intellectual property are stored online in intangible form. Also many confidential information and trade secret is transmitted online. The reason they are safer is because B2B transactions are conducted usually through companies that have an existing relationship with each other or trading contractual agreements. So it can be said that they have mutual relationship. These existing relationships have evolved from the days of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to the fully functioning web sites on the World Wide Web or on company extranets. Due to evolution, the transaction has been completed within VAN (Value-Added Networks). Although, the evolution enable business entity to interact with its partner more efficient, the risk related in transaction has been increased.

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Tosco Marketing Company Quality Control :: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework

Tosco Marketing Company Quality Control TOSCO MARKETING COMPANY Quality control comes in many forms. For some it is following a specific philosophy, such as those developed by Demming or Juran. For others it is achieving a specific degree of merit as that established by the Malcolm Baldridge Awards, or International Standard Organizations (ISO). However, the petroleum industry as a whole has compromised, shifted, and remained adaptable to an ever-changing world filled with government regulations and restrictions. The negative environmental impact of the petroleum industry is either not understood, grossly downplayed, or it is blatantly ignored. Government agencies have amended and abolished amendments in many of their policies so quickly that establishing best practices is nearly impossible. However, one thing in the petroleum industry remains the same. Safety is a key quality concept that must be adhered to. Tosco Corporation made a bad name for itself by ignoring certain safety issues. Quality control in the safety department was ineffective, and people died because of their neglect. Only recently have they outsourced the development of their safety program to Dupont. Introduction to Government Standards The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require an insurmountable amount of data, reports, testing, and auditing to ensure the compliance of all U.S. Oil Companies around the world. The most recent concern regarding the petroleum industry is that of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE’s) that are put in our fuel. Early on it was believed that adding MTBE’s to fuel would result in cleaner burning gasoline. However, according to the â€Å"Ground Water Monitor† small amounts seeped into the ground water and caused an unacceptable amount of contamination. The conception of MTBE’s was in 1967 with the passage of the Clean Air Act. This is the primary statute governing air quality in the United States. It assigns responsibilities to government and industry to reduce emissions from pollution sources such as automobiles, refineries, chemical plants, and power plants. However, it seems as though every solution to meet the stringent requirements poses another problem. The Clean Air Act has been amended several times, and most recently it is to be amended to ban MTBE’s by the year 2002.

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Spina Bifida Research Paper

Spina Bifida A type of birth defect that affects the skeletal system is Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a nueral tube defect that occurs when the bones of the spine or the vertebrae do not form accurately around the spinal cord. In severe cases it can inhibit a persons walking or daily activities. There are three basic forms of Spina Bifida. The mildest form is Occulta, the next would be Meningocele and the most severe is Myelomeningocele. (http://www. uptodate. com/contents/overview-of-the-management-of-myelomeningocele-spina-bifida 2012) Myelomeningocele is the case that affects the skeletal system the most.With this, the nerves in the spine protrude out of the spinal canal and a bulge in the skin may appear. If nerves become damaged, there may be a high chance that there could be problems with walking, coordination and bowel and bladder control. The exact cause of Spina Bifida is not known. (Foti 2012) Some say that it could be genetic and is more likely to happen in women that are obese and have diabetes. Symptoms that may indicate that a child has Spina Bifida, include, a curve in the spine, nerves coming out of the back and swelling of the spine.Also, the child will have nerve damage, which can mean that they will have little or no feeling in the legs, feet and or arms. (http://www. mayoclinic. com/health/spina-bifida/DS00417 2012) Another indicator could be a build up of fluid in the brain. Spinal deformity occurs most frequently in patients with Myelomeningocele. It can manifest as kyphosis, scoliosis or lordosis. Most children diagnosed with Spina Bifida also have an allergy to latex. (http://www. everydayhealth. com/health-center/spina-bifida-symptoms. aspx 2012) The diagnosis for Spina Bifida is usually determined by a blood test that a woman has during pregnancy.Most people find out that their child has this defect before he or she is born. If it is not determined before birth, it may be diagnosed by how the baby’s back looks and as they get to the pint of where they should start crawling and standing. You will be able to notice how the weekness in the muscle and bones are. Children that are born wih Spina Bifida may also have mental disabilities as well because it affects the brain just as much as it affects the spine and nerves. (http://www. spinabifidaassociation. org/site/c. evKRI7OXIoJ8H/b. 8029563/k. 83B2/

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Human Sexuality Essay

William and Jessie both 23 years old have been dating for 3 years. They plan to get married in 2 years when they finish with graduate school. About three months ago William had an unplanned and alcohol induced intercourse with a colleague from work. The couple are in counseling and working on issues of trust and communication. Recently, they have started having sexual intercourse. Jessie says she is unable to climax like in the past. William says he is doing everything the same and thinks she still blames him. Looking at William and Jessie’s case, I believe that the possible societal and gender influences related to William’s and Jessie’s concerns are the male and female sexual scripts. According to Strong, DeVault, Sayad and Yarber (2008), â€Å"Sexual Scripts refers to the acts, rules, and expectations associated with a particular role† (p. 143). All humans are sexual beings; however we all are diverse in terms of our sexual definitions and script expectations. Sexual scripts are not innate, yet they are learned through culture and socialization (Strong et al. 2008). There are as many distinctive sexual scripts as there are people, nonetheless some of these scripts have common themes and can be recognized as a shared blueprint or trend in the larger society. Some male scripts that are relatable to Williams’s concerns are: Performance is a thing that counts. A man always wants sex and is ready for it and, sexual intercourse leads to orgasm. Society has this idea that is embedded in many people that sex to men is something to be accomplished (Strong et al. 2008). It is important for us to notice that in Williams situation, he is feeling like â€Å"less of a man†, in other words, his ego is bruised, because he cannot make Jessie climax. Additionally, there are sexual scripts allotted to women as well. Some female scripts relatable to Jessie’s concerns are: â€Å"The traditional male sexual scripts focuses on sex over feelings, the traditional female sexual script focuses on feelings over sex, on love over passion† (p. 41). Jessie apparently has issues during sex because she can’t get over the thought of Williams having sexual contact with another woman, especially when William is supposed become Jessie’s future husband. The sexual script that relates to this issue is that the woman does not want to have sex, sex is uncomfortable for her or not pleasurable for her. However due to female sexual scripts, women should not talk about sex (Strong et al. , 2008). Sexual scripts are similar to traditional gender roles; society holds men and women accountable for the roles and expectations that have been set for them and if we fail to live up to them, then we are failures at our gender. Moreover, there are indeed biological and psychological components of William and Jessie’s case. Starting with William, he can’t achieve to make Jessie Climax. Psychological causes include trust and communication related stress and anxiety, because he too busy trying to gain Jesse’s trust. Because of this William is most likely concerned about his sexual performance, trust issues and the guilt of having sexual intoxicate intercourse with his work colleague. For women in particular, emotional closeness is a main component in sexual desire (Strong et al. , 2008) and because William cheated with a colleague, she perhaps could have grown psychologically distant. As stated by Strong et al. (2008), â€Å"Desire is the psychological component of sexual arousal† (p. 92). According to the Masters and Johnson’s four-phrase model of sexual response, Kaplan’s tri-phasic model of sexual response and Loulan’s sexual response model, they all include desire and excitement as key elements to sexual response and pleasure and without these two elements, a person cannot truly experience the true satisfaction of sexual intercourse and an orgasm (Strong et al. , 2008). In relation to this case the developmental concerns related to the early adulthood stage according to Strong et al. 2008) are the following: Integrating love and sex, forging intimacy and making commitments. Integrating love and sex was not integrated when it comes to Williams’s infidelity. William was more so thinking with his penis rather than thinking about the love of his life Jessie. As the female, Jessie thinks more with her heart and values the love for William. The thought of betrayal from William, may possibly be disheartening and could hinder Jessie from climaxi ng during intimacy. In Jessie’s mind, loving William and having that solid connection with him was important to her. Furthermore this developmental concern strongly compares to the male sexual script with thoughts of sex over feelings, while the woman’s thoughts consist of feelings over sex. The key to integrating love and sex was missing because of Williams’s infidelity. Therefore uniting the two will take a longer process to connect. Forging intimacy and making commitments plays an integral part in the developmental concerns in this case as well. According to Strong et al. (2008) as a relationship become more meaningful, the degree of intimacy and interdependence increases. As adults become more intimate, most desire to develop their ability to make commitments. In relation to William and Jesse they are in a meaningful relationship, they were planning to get married and spend the rest of their lives with one another, before the infidelity occurred. It is my assumption the intimacy was on a higher level but after the infidelity occurred the intimacy decreased and the trust and communication issues began to form. During the early adulthood stage young adults begin to attend college and students began to meet lots of people in their age bracket. There will be opportunities during college where students attend plenty of social gatherings (frat/sororities houses and parties) and majority of the time alcohol and drugs are involved as well as risky sexual activities. Strong et al (2008) strongly believes that among college students, the use of alcohol is associated with an increased risk of unwanted intercourse, sexual violence and STDS. Since Jesse and William are in the early adulthood stage, it is a strong possibility William wants to venture out in a since before he gets married. Maybe he feels pressured and tied down to Jessie. Lastly, infidelity is common amongst the early adulthood population. Research by McAnaulty and Brineman (2007), states that 41% of the students identified having sexual intercourse with a person other than one’s primary partner as constituting being â€Å"unfaithful. † More students (57%) identified â€Å"dating/spending time with another† as â€Å"unfaithfulness. † Infidelity can greatly affect committed relationships, because it could cause a lack of communication and trust worthiness. When relationships are broken, a lot of emotions occur such as lack of sleep, a decrease in appetite, anxiety and constant crying in some cases.

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Tobacco Essays - Smoking, Passive Smoking, Sidestream Smoke

Tobacco Essays - Smoking, Passive Smoking, Sidestream Smoke Tobacco ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE Tobacco smoking has long been recognized as a major cause of death and disease, responsible for an estimated 434,000 deaths per year in the United States. After the Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General stated that cigarettes cause lung cancer there was a tremendous movement to make cigarettes illegal. Now the debate is on environmental tobacco smoke also known as secondhand smoke, passive smoking, and sidestream smoke. The worry is that when non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke they face the same health hazards as smokers. Tobacco smoke contains more than forty known carcinogens. Sidestream smoke carries these carcinogens into the air (Sussman 12). According to scientific studies tobacco smoke contains four thousand chemicals, and at least sixty are known to cause cancer. Carbon monoxide is the main gas in cigarette smoke. This gas competes with oxygen for binding sites on red blood cells, and results in depleting the body of oxygen (Q&A). Researchers studied 1,906 women of which 653 developed lung cancer. Women married to smokers were thirty percent more likely to develop lung cancer than those married to non-smokers (LeMaistre 1). According to the Environmental Protection Agency a thirty percent risk is only a small relative risk. The Environmental Protection Agency released its report stating that environmental tobacco smoke is a human lung carcinogen, responsible for approximately three thousand lung cancer deaths annually in American non-smokers. Environmental tobacco smoke has been classified as a Group A carcinogen, the highest ranking under the EPA's carcinogen assessment guidelines.

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Definition and Examples of Vignettes in Prose

Definition and Examples of Vignettes in Prose In composition, a  vignette is a verbal sketch- a brief essay  or story  or any carefully crafted short work of prose. Sometimes called a slice of life. A vignette may be either fiction or  nonfiction, either a piece thats complete in itself or one part of a larger work. In their book  Studying Children in Context (1998), M. Elizabeth Graue and Daniel J. Walsh characterize  vignettes as crystallizations that are developed for retelling. Vignettes, they say, put ideas in concrete context, allowing us to see how abstract notions play out in lived experience.  Ã‚   The term vignette (adapted  from a word in Middle French meaning vine) referred originally to a decorative design used in books and manuscripts. The term gained its literary sense in the late 19th century. See Examples and Observations below. Also, see: AnecdoteCharacter (Genre)  and  Character SketchComposing a Character SketchCreative NonfictionDescriptionHow to Write a Descriptive ParagraphNarrative Examples of Vignettes By the Railway Side by Alice MeynellEudora Weltys Sketch of Miss DulingEvan S. Connells Narrative Sketch of Mrs. BridgeHarry Crews Sketch of His StepfatherHemingways Use of RepetitionMy Home of Yesteryear: A Students Descriptive Essay Examples and Observations Composing Vignettes- There are no hard-and-fast guidelines for  writing a vignette, though some may prescribe that the content should contain sufficient descriptive detail, analytic commentary, critical or evaluative perspectives, and so forth. But literary writing is a creative enterprise, and the vignette offers the researcher an opportunity to venture away from traditional scholarly discourse and into evocative prose that remains firmly rooted in the data but is not a slave to it.(Matthew B. Miles, A. Michael Huberman, and Johnny Saldana,  Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook, 3rd ed.  Sage, 2014)- If one is  writing a vignette  about a dearly beloved Volkswagen, one will probably play down the general characteristics which it shares with all VWs and focus instead on its peculiarities- the way it coughs on cold mornings, the time it climbed an icy hill when all the other cars had stalled, etc.(Noretta Koertge, Rational Reconstructions. Essays in Memory of Imre Lakatos, ed. by  Robert S. Cohen et al. Springer, 1976) E.B. Whites Vignettes[In his early casuals for The New Yorker magazine] E.B. White focused on an unobserved tableau or vignette: a janitor polishing a fireplug with liquid from a Gordons Gin bottle, an unemployed man idling on the street, an old drunk on the subway, noises of New York City, a fantasy drawn from elements observed from an apartment window. As he wrote to his brother Stanley, these were the small things of the day, the trivial matters of the heart, the inconsequential but near things of this living, the little capsule[s] of truth continually important as the subtext of Whites writing.The faint squeak of mortality he listened for sounded particularly in the casuals in which White used himself as a central character. The persona varies from piece to piece, but usually the first-person narrator is someone struggling with embarrassment or confusion over trivial events.(Robert L. Root, Jr., E.B. White: The Emergence of an Essayist. University of Iowa Press, 1999) An  E.B. White  Vignette on RailroadsThe strong streak of insanity in railroads, which accounts for a childs instinctive feeling for them and for a mans unashamed devotion to them, is congenital; there seems to be no reason to fear that any disturbing improvement in the railroads condition will set in. Lying at peace but awake in a Pullman berth all one hot night recently, we followed with dreamy satisfaction the familiar symphony of the cars- the diner departing (furioso) at midnight, the long, fever-laden silences between runs, the timeless gossip of rail and wheel during the runs, the crescendos and diminuendos, the piffling poop-pooping of the diesels horn. For the most part, railroading is unchanged from our childhood. The water in which one washes ones face at morn is still without any real wetness, the little ladder leading to the upper is still the symbol of the tremendous adventure of the night, the green clothes hammock still sways with the curves, and there is still no foolproof place to store ones trousers.Our journey really began several days earlier, at the ticket window of a small station in the country, when the agent showed signs of cracking under the paperwork. Its hard to believe, he said, that after all these years I still got to write the word Providence in here every time I make out one of these things. Now, theres no possible conceivable way you could make this journey without going through Providence, yet the Company wants the word written in here just the same. O.K., here she goes! He gravely wrote Providence in the proper space, and we experienced anew the reassurance that rail travel is unchanged and unchanging, and that it suits our temperament perfectly- a dash of lunacy, a sense of detachment, not much speed, and no altitude whatsoever.(E.B. White, Railroads. The Second Tree From the Corner. Harper Row, 1954) Two Vignettes by Annie Dillard: The Return of Winter and Playing Football- It snowed and it cleared and I kicked  and pounded the snow. I roamed the darkening snowy neighborhood, oblivious. I bit and crumbled on my tongue the sweet, metallic worms of ice that had formed in rows on my mittens. I took a mitten off to fetch some wool strands from my mouth. Deeper the blue shadows grew on the sidewalk snow, and longer; the blue shadows joined and spread upward from the streets like rising water. I walked wordless and unseeing, dumb and sunk in my skull, until- what was that?The streetlights had come on- yellow, bing- and the new light woke me like noise. I surfaced once again and saw: it was winter now, winter again. The air had grown blue dark; the skies were shrinking; the streetlights had come on; and I was here outside in the dimming days snow, alive.- Some boys taught me to play football. This was fine sport. You thought up a new strategy for every play and whispered it to the oth ers. You went out for a pass, fooling everyone. Best, you got to throw yourself mightily at someone’s running legs. Either you brought him down or you hit the ground flat out on your chin, with your arms empty before you. It was all or nothing. If you hesitated in fear, you would miss and get hurt: you would take a hard fall while the kid got away. But if you flung yourself wholeheartedly at the back of his knees- if you gathered and joined body and soul and pointed them diving fearlessly- then you likely wouldn’t get hurt, and you’d stop the ball. Your fate, and your team’s score, depended on your concentration and courage. Nothing girls did could compare with it.(Annie Dillard, An American Childhood. Harper Row, 1987) A Hemingway Vignette on a Matadors DeathMaera lay still, his head on his arms, his face in the sand. He felt warm and sticky from the bleeding. Each time he felt the horn coming. Sometimes the bull only bumped him with his head. Once the horn went all the way through him and he felt it go into the sand. Some one had the bull by the tail. They were swearing at him and flopping the cape in his face. Then the bull was gone. Some men picked Maera up and started to run with him toward the barriers through the gate out the passageway around under the grandstand to the infirmary. They laid Maera down on a cot and one of the men went out for the doctor. The others stood around. The doctor came running from the corral where he had been sewing up picador horses. He had to stop and wash his hands. There was a great shouting going on in the grandstand overhead. Maera felt everything getting larger and larger and then smaller and smaller. Then it got larger and larger and larger and then smaller and smaller. Then everything commenced to run faster and faster as when they speed up a cinematograph film. Then he was dead.(Ernest Hemingway, Chapter 14 of In Our Time. Charles Scribners Sons, 1925)​ Pronunciation: vin-YET

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Sponsorship Agreements of Turkish Airlines Dissertation

Sponsorship Agreements of Turkish Airlines - Dissertation Example The intention of this study aviation industry that characterized by financial crisis arising from oil prices, augmenting competition, decline in fare rates, changing consumer expectations and political and economic constraints. Under such turbulent environment, one airline company, which has showed signs of constant growth and responsive marketing, is Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines was established in the year 1933 with an initial aircraft fleet of only five. However, with its strategic approach and aggressive marketing tactics, it very soon grabbed the status of a 4-start company with a jaw-hopping 144 aircraft fleet running across 166 destinations. It also bagged the Award of Best Airline in Southern Europe. It also signed sponsorship agreement with Manchester United as an extension of its sponsorship activity and will serve as the medium of travel for players and officials for three and a half years. Despite less connection between Manchester United and Turkish Airlines fleet a nd destinations, its officials remark the deal as one step ahead in contributing to their brand value and demonstration of quality and service in their offerings. However, rumours are rising on the Club’s intention of sailing through their debt position with the help of this deal and no promising advantages accruing to the Airlines in return. The national airlines company of Turkey, Turkish Airlines’ moves to participate in the sponsorships for the golf events to be held in Turkey is considered another key step for the marketing of its brand. The airlines company has already tied itself with international brands like FC Barcelona and Manchester United for its sponsorship events in the field of football. Turkish Airlines new sponsorship event was tagged as â€Å"Turkish Airlines Challenge† and was tied up with the European Golf event European Challenge Tour. Another sponsor for a sub-event in the golf arena was also done by Turkish Airlines to sponsor the women p articipation in the golf event. These types of events held at the international level draws in huge crowds and is aired across national and international borders. Thus aiming to sponsor such events signify introducing the company to a

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Series-Parallel Circuit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Series-Parallel Circuit - Essay Example Rather, it contains elements of both. The current exits the bottom of the battery, splits up to travel through R3 and R4, rejoins, then splits up again to travel through R1 and R2, then rejoins again to return to the top of the battery. There exists more than one path for current to travel (not series), yet there are more than two sets of electrically common points in the circuit (not parallel). Because the circuit is a combination of both series and parallel, we cannot simply apply the rules for voltage, current, and resistance. For instance, if the above circuit were simple series, we could just add up R1 through R4 to arrive at a total resistance, solve for total current, and then solve for all voltage drops. Likewise, if the above circuit were simple parallel, we could just solve for branch currents, add up branch currents to figure the total current, and then calculate total resistance from total voltage and total current. However, this circuit's solution will be more complex. To calculate the different values for series-parallel combination circuits, we'll have to be careful how and where we apply the different rules for series and parallel. Ohm's Law, of course, still works just the same for determining values. And then, we become able to identify which parts of the circuit are series and which parts are parallel, we can... Likewise, if the above circuit were simple parallel, we could just solve for branch currents, add up branch currents to figure the total current, and then calculate total resistance from total voltage and total current. However, this circuit's solution will be more complex. To calculate the different values for series-parallel combination circuits, we'll have to be careful how and where we apply the different rules for series and parallel. Ohm's Law, of course, still works just the same for determining values. And then, we become able to identify which parts of the circuit are series and which parts are parallel, we can analyze it in stages, approaching each part one at a time, using the appropriate rules to determine the relationships of voltage, current, and resistance Note: The rules of series and parallel circuits must be applied selectively to circuits containing both types of interconnections. Technique Analysis The goal of series-parallel resistor circuit analysis is to be able to determine all voltage drops, currents, and power dissipations in a circuit. The general strategy to accomplish this goal is as follows. Step 1: Assess which resistors in a circuit are connected together in simple series or simple parallel. Step 2: Re-draw the circuit, replacing each of those series or parallel resistor combinations identified in step 1 with a single, equivalent-value resistor. Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the entire circuit is reduced to one equivalent resistor. Step 4: Calculate total current from total voltage and total resistance (I=E/R). Step 5: Taking total voltage and total current values, go back to last step in the circuit reduction process and insert those values where applicable. Step 6: From known

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Approaches for Improving Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Planning Research Paper

Approaches for Improving Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Planning Processes and Procedures in a System - Research Paper Example The paper primarily focuses on planning processes and procedures in a system-based framework. Emergencies often occur because of lack of proper systems or failure of the existing systems to limit, control and prevent the circumstances that trigger incidences that cause disasters. Emergencies are common in any given area: in schools, churches, towns, offices and roads. One of the characteristics of emergencies is that they are not predictable; they hit any time when people are not expecting them. This unpredictability character has forced the stakeholders of areas prone to emergencies and disasters to prepare mitigation mechanisms that they can apply to limit the adversities associated with unforeseen circumstances. The purpose of this research paper is to help people to understand the critical aspects of disaster preparedness and emergency mitigation measures. Emergencies that organizations and people predict and prepare for in advance have lesser adversities than those that are unpr epared for or in terms of planning. It is crucial for the citizens to understand the processes and procedures for mitigating disasters and emergencies in their environments. ... A disaster results in significant physical damage, destruction, loss of life and drastic change in ecosystems (Arthur, 2007). Disasters are tragic events arising from undesirable events such as catastrophic accidents, explosions, earthquakes, fires, and floods. An emergency constitutes a situation that poses an immediate danger to property, health, environment, and life (Karagiannis, Piatyszek & Flaus, 2013). Emergencies require urgent intervention to act as countermeasures for preventing the worsening of the risk. Emergency preparedness is a long-term program involving activities whose aims are to strengthen the capacity and capability of a community to manage efficiently all types of emergencies and ensure an orderly transition from relief through recovery and sustainable development. Most countries have set government emergency services to respond to emergencies; these agencies are responsible for planning and managing emergencies. Emergencies and disasters can cause both mild and devastating damage. The preparedness and planning for these disasters and emergencies is of paramount necessity at all times. A system-based framework is a structure of operation where several independent units are interrelated to work together towards achievement of a common goal. A system-based framework is characterized by environment, feedback, boundaries, controls, inputs and outputs (Sommer & Nja, 2012). Disaster and emergency preparedness approaches are necessary in a system-based framework to a countermeasure the adversities of the risks. Statement of the Problem Major emergencies and disasters do not respect national borders and never occur at convenient times. The intensity of human suffering caused by these events are huge, and affect many aspects of people’s lives such as

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Byzantine times: The effect on women

Byzantine times: The effect on women An average woman in the fifth and sixth centuries of the Byzantine Empire did not have a big role in public society.  [1]  In fact, it was common for her to not be seen in public at all. It was standard for Byzantine women to get married around twelve to thirteen years old due to an arranged marriage chosen by her parents. Once married she spent most of her time at home. Occasionally a woman was allowed to leave her home to attend to church, festivals, marriages, births, visit relations, or go to public baths. These were the only activities in society acceptable where a woman could to leave her house.  [2]  However, if a woman must venture outside, she must have her face covered by a veil at all times and be accompanied by a man. Though veils were rarely shown in Byzantine artwork, this was a social standard for women. The wearing of veils often represented the difference between an honest women and a prostitute.  [3]   Even in her own home, a Byzantine woman had to endure gender inequalities. During meals she was not allowed to dine with men foreign of her relations. More often than not, she would be eating alone separate from men.  [4]  For her education, she was taught skills only useful for a house wife. If a woman was in middle to upper class, she was usually taught to read, write, and sing.  [5]  Women of royalty however, were given the opportunity to study medicine and natural sciences with scholars in their courts.  [6]  Nevertheless education was usually second quality compared to the education given to men. Women could easily be described as cloistered as prisoners, though her prison walls were only the invisible judgments and rules cast by society.  [7]   Most women could not participate in politics. A woman could not even testify in court for fear that her testimonial would be easily influenced by her husband or brother. It is only in rare cases where a man was not involved that a woman could testify.  [8]  Despite what little influence and respect women had in public society, through home life a woman could still easily influence her own husband, sons, brothers, and other male relations in her home life.  [9]  This influence could be subtle in a small Byzantine family or extremely considerable if she was the wife of the emperor. Unlike men who could rise up to a political position through military, or the church, for a women to gain political power she had either be born or marry into aristocracy. Born in 399 A.D, Empress Pulcheria was the eldest daughter of Emperor Arcadius.  [10]  She was a devoted Christian that paved her way into power through her influence over her younger brother Theodosios II. She eventually received the title of Augusta (Empress) which was the highest position a woman of relation to the Emperor could aspire to.  [11]  Pulcheria was just two years older than Theodosios II but had a great influence over him all his life. Though Pulcheria was the eldest born into royalty, she did not have much power as she would if she had been born male. Even with this gender disadvantage, she was extremely intelligent. At the age of 16, she swore a vow of chastity and also influenced her younger sisters to do the same.  [12]  This was a way to sustain power that would be lost if she was forced into marriage as well as stop the competition to her brothers throne.  [13]  The reasoning she gave for her actions was due to her Christian fate, comparing the Vi rgin Mary as her heavenly counterpart.  [14]  Figure 1 depicts an ivory relief known as The Translation of Relics Ivory dating around the year 420 A.D.  [15]  and was acquired by the Trier Cathedral in 1844.  [16]  The carving measure 13.1 x 26.1 x 2.3 cm and has been cut to a depth of 2 cm  [17]  . The Byzantines loved ivory and usually imported it from India and Africa. The ivory of this specific piece has been speculated to have been imported from Africa do to its larger size.  [18]  The Translation of Relics Ivory depicts a procession of people in the streets followed by two priests riding a chariot pulled by mules. Leading this procession is an Emperor holding a candle and ready to receive the relics is an Empress holding a cross in front of church doors. In the background are onlookers cheering waving incense and a church which is still under construction, still being complete for the relics to be place into. For many years, the protagonists in this relief have been unidentifiable. Historians have compared the lives of Justin II, Maurice, and Phocas and their wives but found no historical evidence which relates them to this scene.  [19]  In the late 70s, The Translation of Relics Ivory has been identified by historians, Kenneth G. Holum and Gary Vikan that the characters in this relief are likely Empress Pulcheria, her brother Emperor Theodosios II and the relics given are the bones of Saint Stephen. The historians deducted this from written evidence of a chronicler of the ninth century named Theophanes Confessor. In his narrative he wrote: Under the influence of the blessed Pulcheria, the pious Theodosius sent a rich donation to the archbishop of Jerusalem for distribution to the needy, and also a golden cross studded with precious stones to be erected on Golgotha. In exchange for these gifts, the archbishop dispatched relics of the right arm of Stephen Protomaryr, in the care of St. Passarion [Pulcheria] arose taking her brother with her and went to greet the holy relics. Receiving them into the palace, she founded a splendid chapel for the holy Protomartr, and in it she deposited the holy relics.  [20]   The narrative matched perfectly with the description of The Translation of Relics Ivory as well as another found narrative which proved that the bones of Saint Stephen had in fact appeared outside Jerusalem that time in December 416 and later went under control of the bishop.  [21]  The church under construction is believed to be a church of St. Stephen.  [22]  An interesting detail to The Translation of Relics Ivory is the composition of the piece. The entire focus of the image is on Pulcheria rather than the Emperor Theodosios II, her brother. Even Theodosios relief is still a bit further back than hers, as he is standing right next to her. This is a huge representation of Pulcherias power as she is the center of attention opposed to the Emperor himself. In her lifetime, Pulcheria had commissioned several new churches, most dedicated to her patron saint the Virgin Mary. It was well known that Virgin Mary deeply impacted her life to staying openly celibate for God. However during the fifth century the Virgin Mary was not a major figure in Constantinople.  [23]  Her choice for the Virgin Mary as her patron was not to advance women but simply get rid of the stigma that women were the curse of eve, a curse which claimed that women where responsible for original sin.  [24]  It was also due to Pulcherias influence that the Virgin Mary would be again be known not just as the Mother of Christ (christotokos) but the Mother of God ( theotokos) when the statement was overturned.  [25]  Pulcherias most well-know church to the Virgin Mary is the Church of Saint Mary of Blacherne , which has also been depicted in literature with names such as the Panagia of Blachernae and the Blachernae Monastery. The church started construction in 450 A.D. and was finished by her husband Marcian after Pulcherias death in 453 A.D.  [26]  The church was built around a pre-existing sacred spring called the Ayazma of Blacherne.  [27]  It is also said that Christians of Jerusalem had contributed a robe that belonged to the Virgin Mary as a relic for the church,  [28]  though other sources state that the robe was stolen.  [29]  Figure 2 shows the church before its second fire, and Figure 3 shows the current modern church after being rebuilt. The church focused around images of the Virgin Mary, which led to much destruction of its icons during the reign of Constantine V.  [30]  The church first burnt down in 1070 from a fire but was rebuilt again using its old floor plans.  [31]  The church was completely burnt down yet again in 1434, this time from a careless fire caused by children chasing pigeons on its roofs.  [32]  By the time Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, the Church of Saint Mary of Blachernae no longer existed and the people of Constantinople had to turn to different mediums for the protection Virgin Marys icons.  [33]   Figure 3 shows Icon of the Virgin Blachernitissa. In 626 A.D., the Blachernitissa was credited for the protecting the city from an Avar attack as well as an Arab siege in 717. Thus this relics reputation grew to be known as a powerful Byzantine talisman of protection and was kept in the Church of Saint Mary of Blachernae.  [34]  Though the figure head of this icon was a woman, it had huge veneration. The term Blachernitissa was a type of representation of the Virgin Mary named after the Church of Saint Mary of Blachernae.  [35]  The icon shows Mary within it and was held in the Church of Saint Mary of Blachernae. The piece was also within the church during its 1434 fire and was thought to be destroyed. It was a talisman that represented the protection of the citys walls.  [36]  Its absence was believed to be the reason why the Ottoman Turks succeeded their invasion only 19 years later. The year 730 was the start of the first iconoclastic period lasing until 787.  [37]  It started with Emperor Leo III, who reigned from 717-740. The Iconoclasts believed that icons where evil and led to the misinterpretation of the Catholic religion. As the Iconoclasts resorted back into symbols and scripture, they tore down icons, thinking them as heresy to their religion. When Leo III died in 740, his son Constantine V continued the ban of during his reign in 741-775.  [38]  It was during Constantine Vs reign, that the Church of St. Mary of Blachernae was attacked by iconoclasts. Constantine V ordered the destruction of the interior mosaics that represented a New Testament cycle and replaced them with vegetal ornaments and pictures of birds.  [39]  It was fortunate however that the Icon of the Virgin Blachernitissa was hidden from destruction at this time. This first Iconoclastic period was stopped by Empress Irene. Irene acted in the name of her son Constatine VI, who was too young to rule at the time. She created and ordered the Second Council of Nicea, which supported Iconophiles.  [40]  As Iconophiles, they believed that images were also representing their religion and they were not wrong in using them. The Council condemned the opposition to icons as heresy. It is through Irenes actions of the revival of icons that she earned the title of Saint in the Greek Orthodox Church. The second iconoclastic period lasted 814-842. This time it was Emperor Leo V (reigning from 813-820) who instated this new wave of iconoclasm. It was speculated that it was to cure the recent military failure. Emperors Michael II and Theophilus who succeeded him were also iconoclasts. However after Theophilus died, he was succeeded by his son Michael III. Michael at the time was too young to reign so his mother Theodora acted as a regent for him. Similar to Irene, Theodora was an iconodule and was able to proclaim the restoration of icons. Now ever since the revival of icons, the first Sunday of Lent is celebrated as the Triumph of Orthodoxy. Figure 4 shows the Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, a painting that was painted on a wooden panel covered with gesso and linen. Its medium was egg tempera and gold leaf.  [41]  The center of the painting is a portrait of the Virgin Mary, said to be painted by St. Luke. Empress Theodora and her son, Emperor Michael III, appear on the left o f the portrait. On the right are three monks with the Patriarch Methodios. This painting was painted more than 500 years after the end of iconoclasm during the time when the Byzantine Empire was under threat of invasion by the Ottoman Turks.  [42]  Again as it is not usually common for a woman to be in the painting, Empress Theodora is shown next to her son in royal robes. Though she is not next to them, Theodora is shown at the same level as the bishops. In the center of the painting is the Blachernitissa, the Virgin Mary and child. The Virgin Mary was a celebrated icon of her woman status. It is not surprising that Irene and Theodora were iconophiles. Since the average Byzantine woman was housebound for the majority of their lives, most had a special dedication to religious practices involving icons.  [43]  It might be due to their life style that women where the most affected when their precious icons where taken away. The influence women had and their relations to art during the Byzantine Empire shown to be very important. It is through the influence of the empresses Pulcheria, Irene and Theodora that impacted artwork despite a judgmental and men-driven environment that shadowed their lives. It is as fascinating and influential as the works themselves that these women were able to influence the Byzantine public and the artwork. Is Bitcoin the Best Cryptocurrency? Is Bitcoin the Best Cryptocurrency? Is Bitcoin the most practical form of cybercurrency? In 2009, the world was forever changed when an anonymous individual that goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world to a new form of currency: the bitcoin. 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While several notable companies have allied with the Ethereum in an effort to expand their company, they have a long way to go in order to achieve their goals to create a â€Å"world computer†. However, the most efficient form of cryptocurrency seems to be the Litecoin. While it is not worth as much as the Bitcoin, it uses faster transaction times. The Litecoin also has a very friendly website. That instantly allows you to access their forums and helpful videos to better understand their cryptocurrency and other forms of cryptocurrencies, as well.   It is also very secure, while still being efficient. There are a multitude of ways to secure your currency, one of them being the useful password feature. Where Bitcoin makes it optional to secure your account, Litecoin makes it mandatory. Bibliography n.d. Bitcoin. Accessed May 12, 2017. https://bitcoin.org/en/. n.d. Blockchain. Accessed May 12, 2017. https://www.blockchain.com/. n.d. Comparing Bitcoin to Litecoin. 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